Project for Public Spaces
A Bruce Mau Design project
Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is a non-profit working with communities worldwide to envision, plan and transform public spaces for the better. Founded in 1975, the organization has been instrumental in cultivating the placemaking movement.

In conjunction with a transition to new leadership and strategy, they asked BMD to design a visual identity that would capture the organization’s spirit and dedication to community-powered public spaces while also striking an invigoratingly new tone for years to come.

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BMD designed an identity that signals the organization’s mandate to imagine possibilities together with communities. The team developed a dynamic, fill-in-the-blank mark that expand to include messaging and storytelling.

In its most expressive form, the lines bloom into line-mark doodles, illustrating elements of placemaking such as transportation, nature, outdoor activities, health and wellbeing.

A vibrant and energetic palette is paired with a more sober counterpart allowing for flexibility across reports, infographics, community engagement materials and communications.

The result is a gutsy, warm, and approachable brand that not only captures the spirit of the PPS team, but also of their new strategic direction.

Agency: Bruce Mau Design
CCO: Laura Stein
Creative Direction: Jelle Maréchal
Design: Karol Dybalksi, Alana Wimer, Julia Grzeskowiak
Strategy: Kar Yan Cheung, Daphne Chan
Account Management: Sam Coultrip