Antwerp Berchem Station
Client: Belgian Rail
Agency: visionandfactory 
Architect: Thomas Lootvoet
Photography: Roger Laute & Jelle Maréchal 
For a new bicycle parking at Berchem Station, Belgian Railways launched a pitch for a graphical intervention. The glass guardrails of the building provided a large surface to work with. The winning concept consists of a typographical system that looks abstract on the outside, but is readable on the inside. The top half of the letters – set in a custom made font – is printed on the glass. The bottom half is painted on the floor. The design creates a dialogue with the structure and becomes part of the architecture. From the outside it looks abstract, simple yet mysterious. On the inside, the type reveals to be a never-ending poem, consisting of words and short sentences related to movement and commuting, serving as a reward to the cyclists using the building.

This project was done in close collaboration with Hugo Puttaert.