A Franklyn Project

Framework is Nashville’s first sauna and cold plunge studio. Inspired by the health benefits of routine sauna use, Framework seeks to create a space that brings contrast therapy into people’s everyday lives. Working within a crowded wellness landscape, the Framework brand cuts through the noise of trendy, unproven complexity to transform sauna culture from a one-off treatment into a consistent practice.

We dove in head first; inspired by the radical simplicity of contrast therapy's fundamental elements—hot air and cold water—the identity employs immersive temperature gradients that bring the experience to life. The brand strikes a balance between approachability and intellect—inviting people into the space while communicating the science behind sauna without feeling stuffy.


Agency: Franklyn
Creative Direction: Jelle Maréchal, Michael Freimuth
Design: Tess Havas, Jelle Maréchal
Strategy: Will Pollock, Eve Wallack
Account Management: Ashley Van Belle
Photography: Jessica Steddom