A Franklyn Project

Built on decades of successful private equity investment, The Pritzker Organization is the platform for one of the country’s most distinguished business and philanthropic families. Launching a self-funded venture capital firm amidst a contracted capital market, the family knew that it would need a distinctive brand to compete for the attention of top tech founders. Inspired by a Buddhist parable about continuous learning, the name FiftyThreeStations was chosen to convey humility and an awareness that success in business is a journey, not an endpoint. We developed a progressive brand identity to match, built around a dynamic logo mark representing the path followed by their portfolio companies from startup to success. Drawn within the iconic red square of its parent brand, the logo references the family’s past while setting the stage for the future.  

Agency: Franklyn
Creative Direction: Jelle Maréchal
Design: Nana Nozaki, Nat Thomas
Strategy: Will Pollock, Eve Wallack
Account Management: Eric Brown