Cover Insurance
A Bruce Mau Design project in collaboration with Amélie Lorente, Christine Xia, Kar Yan Cheung, Zachary Radford, Simon Fernandes, Patricia Marcucci and Laura Stein
Cover is a mobile-first insurance start-up offering automotive, homeowners, and renters’ insurance in the United States. Their mission is to provide a fairer and more transparent approach to insurance. At BMD we developed a visual identity, tagline, messaging strategy and online presence that reflects this mission.

The brand brakes free of the visual conventions that exist within the traditional insurance and insurtech landscapes, and highlights Cover’s core purpose in providing more coverage to more people.

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The new identity exudes trustworthiness while also being friendly and approachable. The custom drawn letters of the logo make it stand out among the stark lettering that is traditionally present in the insurance landscape.

The vibrant and flexible visual system drives impact in the digital space. We developed a set of “building blocks” that enable many exciting possibilities for the brand when paired with color, typography and photography.

When these shapes overlap, they become a metaphor for coverage, transparency, and insurance as an enabler for living life with confidence