Brickline Greenway
A Bruce Mau Design project
The Brickline Greenway is an ambitious project that creates a green corridor directly through the city of St. Louis, connecting 20 neighbourhoods, parks, districts, cultural and educational institutions. At BMD we created the brand strategy, messaging toolkit and visual identity.

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Through research, workshops and immersion, it became clear that bringing people together from across a divided city was paramount for the success of this project.

The logo signals the idea of coming together, while the components of the mark – a nod to St. Louis’ history as a city built on bricks – act as a connective device linking St. Louis’ diverse neighbourhoods, districts and cultures.

The resulting brand evokes a sense of openness and excitement, inviting residents to see new possibilities in their city and bringing this long-term project to life.

The brand’s visual expression is optimistic and joyful without losing a sense of “St. Louis grit.”  

Agency: Bruce Mau Design
CCO: Laura Stein
Creative Direction: Jelle Maréchal
Design: Karol Dybalksi, Amelie Lorente
Motion Design: Julia Grzeskowiak
Strategy: Kar Yan Cheung, Daphne Chan
Account Management: Patricia Marcucci, John Pichette